T-zone oil issues? nah, not for this gal.

Happy and Healthy Family

The obvious benefits I knew would come for juicing and the reboot were weight loss, more energy and yes clean skin. But I didn’t really realize how much it would help my skin. I dont have terrible skin, thankfully but I do obviously have the occasion pimple. who doesn’t? If you say you Derek, we all know you are lying! 🙂 More than anything I have issues with oil in the dreaded t-zone. Today though I realized I’m not having that problem this week! Which is wonderful, its so embarrassing while you’re talking to someone and you have to keep wiping your “t-zone”When i ponder all this it so makes sense. I’m not eating fast food like I used to and to much of it, I’m not eating heavy carbs, actually hardly no carbs at all.

The more I think about the end of the reboot which I have 10…

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