Nutrition and Recipes

The Journey to Extraordinary

2013-7-8 086

By John Mariotti

CrossFit Odyssey and Odyssey Martial Arts

You Perfect Diet isn’t a diet at all. It is a way of eating and feeding your family that has been around for a millennia or two or three.  There is no secret here, no magic pill, no one food that will make all your fat cell shrink and go away.  This is a lifestyle. This is a way of eating everyone should adopt.  It isn’t a fad, unless you consider a fad lasting about 2 million years!

The bottom line is very simple:  eat real food.  Real food is the kind of food that is recognizable, close to the ground, and simple to prepare and eat.  Real food does not have a nutritional label attached to it.  The turnips I pulled out of the garden did not have a label on them.  Real food does not have an ingredient list…

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