The Journey to Extraordinary

2013- 004

10 reasons NOT to CrossFit

Written by John Mariotti, CrossFit Odyssey

It’s hard, really hard.

Well not really but that is what you will tell yourself in order to not do it or to stop doing it or to discourage your friends from doing it.  Anyone can do it if they want to…after all it is only movement you already doing…or would be doing if you got off the couch long enough.

You will get injured.

As if sitting on your big ole behind isn’t injuring your heart, lungs, and joints already.  It isn’t safe to drive your car 200 mph down a crowded street either…and that is why you don’t do it.  Use your brain, get your ego out of the way and learn to do something right before you go hard and heavy.

You don’t want to bulk up.

Which is different than bulking up that spare tire…

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