APPLES VS. APPLE JUICE: The difference on your health

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“Juicing” has become a bit of a fad diet. The intent behind “juicing” is to concentrate the nutrients found in different foods into a small portion of liquid, thus helping people meet their nutrient needs. But is drinking the juice from one apple the same as eating one apple? No. When you juice an apple, you concentrate all the carbohydrate (sugar) and strip away all the fiber, thus destroying the apples potential for lowering cholesterol. 

Fiber can bind to cholesterol and carry it out of your body. For this reason, apples- but not apple juice- can help improve your cholesterol profile. This has been demonstrated in a research study published in the European Journal of Nutrition. Participants who ate about two and a half large apples a day for 4 weeks experienced a 7% decrease in their LDL cholesterol (this is the bad kind that sticks to your arteries…

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