Kick Your Cold In The Butt – A Juicing Recipe to Fight the Cold

Best Juicing Recipe

Looking to kick your cold and get back to your healthy self?! Juicing is an excellent way to give your body a boost in nutrients and vitamins that can help your body fight off your cold. This happens because fresh pressed juices remove most of the fiber from the raw fruit or veggie, leaving only essential vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. When there is little fiber for your body to digest, the nutrients are more quickly and easily infused into your system and spread throughout, bringing you to health speedily (see Roots page on juice cleanses).

It’s clear that juices are a more efficient way for you to get nutrient rich food to you body, so which foods should you add to your juicing recipe to fight the cold?

Oranges (or other citrus fruits)
Adding fruits such as oranges or lemons to your juicing recipes is a great way to…

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