Green Juice @ LIQUITERIA (NYC)

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Liquiteria is a health food factory. There seems to be an army of employees making hand-made juice and smoothies for the throng of patrons looking for some glow.

I like green juice. A lot.

Bottled green juices done right are cold-pressed and masticated – producing a higher quality juice which is more nutrient-dense.

The green juice at Liquiteria is a standard low-glycemic mix: kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, celery, cucumber. Nothing too fancy.


The best part?

It’s one of the cheapest legit green juices in town. At only $8.75 per bottle (including tax) it beats out Juice Press and Organic Avenue by a couple bucks


Beware: make sure you check the expiration date. Bottled green juice has a three day shelf life. Many of the bottles being sold where expiring on the day I was buying them (meaning that they were three days old). I had to ask the manager in both Liquiteria locations I visited to find…

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