Feedback Requested!

Heading Towards Life

Another day, another meal, another dollar! I’m thinking about writing an E-book of recipes with instructions and tips for making delicious, healthy meals for less than 2 dollars. It would be completely gluten-free with dairy-free and vegan options on most dishes! Leave me a comment or send me a note here if you would be interested in such a book! It would really help me get an idea if it would be a worthwhile project!
Edit: Thanks to feedback, I’d like to clarify some items! First, the final recipes won’t be exactly as they are posted here. These are trial recipes and they will be tested and perfected before I ever released them in a book. Also, regarding a question about fat/protein content: I’m planning on making the recipes easily adjustable for individual’s needs. Due to different health situations, no one meal will suit everyone perfectly.

Breakfast: $0.80
1/2 cup…

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