Juicing: Why am I doing this?

In My Life

For the last year my health has not been optimal.  In January I did a yearly health screening, and while my weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure were all healthy, my body fat was incredibly high.  My stress level was also through the roof.  This was a wake-up call that I had to change.  But what to do?

I began researching and after reading countless articles and watching documentaries (Forks Over Knives is incredible), I decided to become vegetarian, and try to eat as vegan as possible.  This was March.  Fortunately, I love vegetables, so this wasn’t too hard for me.  In fact, eliminating dairy from my diet made me feel so much better! 

While changing to a vegetarian diet is first step toward health (if done correctly), it is by no means the solution.  And my body showed this.  In May I had a horrible bout of vertigo.  It was…

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