I am the proud, new owner of a juicer!

Live Well!

I recently watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and was totally inspired! Joe is a lovely man from down under (Australia) who has a problem. He is seriously overweight and sick. For 10+ years, Joe has been taking enough pills every day to kill a horse (sorry, I don’t like that phrase ejuicerither) and is still suffering from multiple ailments including a debilitating autoimmune disorder. Joe makes a decision to embark on a 60-day juice fast while driving across the United States. That’s right- for 2 months he consumes nothing but juice packed with vitamins and minerals to heal is body. The transformation that occurs in just 60 short days is nothing short of a miracle. I highly encourage you to watch it!

This transformation inspired me to buy my own juicer. I hate to disappoint you, but this blog post is not about sharing my own…

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