Apples and Bananas

La Vìta è Bella

My Breakfast today!


Im not a fan of breakfast, most of the time i skip it as i usually take Brunch., i think waking up early is the primary reason., i usually wake up late, almost for lunch time., and im well aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but i feel otherwise., even if i wake up early at times, i usually dont eat or if i do, i take in a light meal only., so far that worked for me.,
so id usually eat Fruits, Cereals, Pandesal and Taho are my favorite meal and one thing i dont skip about breakfast is drinking milk., i like mine cold and if i choose not to eat anything, i would still drink a glass of fresh milk

then i just eat heavy meals for Lunch and Dinner would have to be my favorite meal of the…

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