Why Vegetarian?


I’ve been trying to rationalize my new Vegetarian/Sort-of-Vegan diet for some time now- I don’t want to just say “I’m Vegan” or “I’m vegetarian,” it should mean something to me, and I should connect with it; and it all came to me while I was cooking (and to think I thought that my ‘light bulb’ moments only occurred while I’m in the shower).

I realized that I do not eat meat because deep down I believe that the consumption of animal flesh will have adverse effects on my health, and I also believe that if I consume fruits and vegetables there will be a positive impact on my overall well-being. These are my reasons- nothing else.

Oh, and there are two more things- I eat fish, but don’t consume dairy (I can explain).

A part from being lactose-intolerant and a long-time sufferer of acute sinusitis, the idea of drinking the…

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