It’s our Birthday!


Howdy Y’all!  So today is the 1st Anniversary of my Second Birthday.  Here’s the way I see it…  Over 38 years ago my Daddy and Momma came together to give me my very first birthday.  I went through life a sickly child.  I had pneumonia at an early age and have had chronic bronchitis for as long as I can remember.  I’ve had multiple surgeries for different conditions (I know understand that several of them were actually related) and was diagnosed with Asthma as an adult.  I was living my life and enjoying it the best I could, but I was sick…A LOT!  Sometimes I was really sick.  Then I started getting these lesions on my skin like boils and after several years of the worst pain and sickness you could imagine I had pretty much given up on life.  Don’t get me wrong…I never even considered taking my life…

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