Cabbagge and Radish Vegetable Juicing Recipes??

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Red Cabbage Juicing RecipesYeah, that’s right! Believe me, I never thought I would have tried these in my vegetable juicing recipes–but I’m a believer now! Not only do these veggies provide a uniquely refreshing taste in juicing recipes, but they pack a punch when it comes to nutritional value!

Our friends at Roots had similar first impressions about these veggies in juicing recipes, but have also changed their opinion after realizing their health benefits! Here’s what they have to say about cabbage and radishes:

Radishes? Cabbage? Not the most appealing ingredients in a vegetable juicing recipe. But, hold on a minute! These veggies are loaded with nutrients, and taste pretty darn good too! Radishes, which I often overlook at the farmers market or grocery, are high in Vitamin C for their small size, as well as B Vitamins and Vitamin K. They are also loaded with fiber.

And cabbage, especially…

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