A super lazy day 14

Taking It Off

So,  I found myself at the Animal Hospital at 1am, as my little dog’s health issues were causing both of us strife. He got meds, and I think he’s feeling better today… but it remains to be seen if his digestive system will start doing what it’s supposed to do. This poor cute pup has some issues, I tell ya. And he’s begging for dinner as I type this. Oh my. 

Anyway, I knew he needed to go to the vet, all day Sunday I knew. It just wasn’t such an urgency that I needed to do it on a Sunday. Come midnight, I was convinced. I didn’t drink enough juice, and had a bowl of miso soup, so I’m a little puffy today. That also might be because there wasn’t enough sleep last night for either of us. 

Anyway, the scale said I an exactly the same weight as…

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