One Week Done!

Taking It Off

I woke up this morning, day 7, feeling clear-headed and rested. I’ve never really had any problems sleeping, but I don’t remember waking up at all last night and that’s pretty unusual. I know it’s a benefit of the fast, and I think it’s wonderful. 

I walked my dog this morning, a solid 30 minutes of moving, and I felt a tiny bit weak at the end, climbing the stairs to my apartment. I think that’s pretty good, having not had anything yet to drink. I did a couple of Zumba dances last night on my PS3, and felt pretty silly, but I also got to sweating. I think, now that I’m a week in, making sure I put in at least 30 minutes of exercise each day is going to be pretty darn important to maintaining the pace of weight loss so far. Speaking of which, I was down…

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