The Green Juice Craze // Reviews

Well with El

Kale? Parsley? Spinach? Sounds like the basic elements for a power-packed salad.

With people rushing to health food stores and juice bars to try the new juice craze, here are a few of my reviews on this green drink.  Along with DIY links if you want to try making the juice at home!

-Nekter Juice Bar-

Nektar's Toxin Flush

(Disclaimer: This juice tastes like grass and celery. It was difficult to finish in my opinion, but it gave me a jolt of energy similar to a caffeine kick.)

Perhaps you have tried one of the all-natural, “raw”, vegan juices located at the Nekter Juice Bar across from the Southern Methodist University campus.  The green juicing scene is new to me but the juice is a nutrient packed drink full of health benefits. I went this past Tuesday, after my internship, to try the “Toxin Flush” juice when my co-worker told me about the…

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