It’s a Good Year for Grapes

Our Life at Hearts Bend Farm

Today was just perfect Fall weather. Windy, golden, and sweet smelling. After doing some work this morning, I drug the ladder across the street and picked some Concord grapes. Since we had a small frost, the grapes are extra sweet, and just beginning to soften. I ended up with 3 qts. of juice concentrate. Aaron came home and we did some more firewood work, and then I headed up to the cabin for a nice cup of tea. Looking outside the window right now, the sunset is just gorgeous. I’m so happy to be here, and it finally being Autumn makes it so much better.

Last night we completely rearranged the furniture in the cabin, and it’s amazing to me how refreshing that is. I’m working to organize the kitchen better so I can still be a woodstove chef in the winter. We’ve packed up our summer clothes, and some…

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