Smoothies vs Juices: Part 2

Going for OM

Hi Everyone!

I last left you with a smoothie recipe and some solid reasons behind why I think smoothies are a great start to the path of health and wellness. The feedback from those of you who take the time to read our words is so wonderful to hear (READ: one of the highlights of my day is getting a text from someone asking me where they can find aloe juice.), and if there are others of you who have tried the smoothie recipe out, I thoroughly hope you enjoyed it!

Now, on to the second half of the series: green juice! I kind of feel as though drinking green juice brings with it this hilarious stigma to those of us who consume. As if we also enjoy twirling in fields of maze dressed in giant bohemian skirts and lilac crowns. Listen, if I had time for twirling, I wouldn’t…

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