Apple Beet Orange “Green” Smoothie

Chug Your Greens

Hi Chuggers!

If you are wondering why I haven’t use Beetroot yet… Here you go!!!

I am a super Beet lover! I love adding them in my juices and salads… They have a natural sweetness and is so full of flavour!

I must admit handling them is a little cumbersome though. Once you start peeling off the skin, you will get all the red juice in the basin, the chopping board, on your fingers and if you are not careful… they will stain your clothes too! >.<

Nevertheless, it is not going to stop me from including it in my smoothies!


Here comes the amazing ingredients!



2 x Beetroots (peeled)

2 cups x Spinach (did not include all in the picture)

2 x Apples (cored)

2 x Orange (juiced)

1 x Lemon (juiced)

1 cup x water

-serves approx 5 cups-


Without further ado, let’s see why…

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