Juicing or Smoothies?

Eat to Live


By: Lisa Costa Bir, Naturopath

As the weather warns up it won’t be long until summer is on its way. I naturally find myself moving away from warming hot drinks like coffee and gravitating towards more fresh juices. Aside from their health benefits, fresh juices are a great way of increasing your fruit and vegetable intake as well as getting a whole heap of nutrients in a condensed form. Most people would find it difficult to sit down and eat 6 raw carrots, 2 raw beetroots, 1 orange, 1 cucumber, 3 sticks of celery and a bunch of parsley, yet when juiced, these ingredients make a delicious morning drink that will provide your body with a big hit of nutrition as well as energy.

Why juice instead of using smoothies?

Smoothies and juices are two very different things and while they are both very useful, essentially they serve very…

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