Taste the Rainbow & Boost Your Energy



Food is energy. It’s the number one source to turn to for a good boost. Every bite, every chew breaks down chemical substances that are responsible for keeping us strong and healthy, and it can also be the suspect to disease and inflammation.

Eating a plate of rainbow vegetables will feed our bodies antioxidants, boost our energy, put a glow to your skin and leaving you feeling the best you can be. It decreases inflammation, protects our hearts and cells, improves immunity, fights off cancer and so much more.

Check out your local farmer’s market or natural foods store and pick up in season fruits and veggies!

Check out my rainbow collection of fruits and veggies:

Blue and Purple:

Grapes, blueberries, cabbage, figs, eggplant, raisins


Kale, broccoli, dark leafy greens, avocado, celery, cucumbers, limes, asparagus, brussel sprouts


Mangos, oranges, carrots, papaya, sweet potatoes, pumpkin


Corn, bananas, pineapple…

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