Self-Care for Healthcare Providers: An Educational Journey

Social Media and Health Education HS500

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I have a reputation of talking to all nursing students about “self-care.” Some may think I overdo it, but I am curious what they will think once they start standing on their feet for 12 hours and caring for very sick individuals. Nonetheless, I continue with my care of my students by having them think about “self-care practices.”

1. Eat bright and colorful fruits and vegetables

2. Drink plenty of water. This helps wake up your brain. Try drinking two big glasses in the morning instead of coffee or tea. Boom! Your brain is hydrated!

3. Exercise, Exercise and Exercise

4. Meditate, Pray, Be Mindful, Conscious

5. Think positive thoughts

6. Pet an animal or connect with someone each day you have never met.

7. Breathe…this should be #!

8. Smile

9. Be self reflective and turn your mistakes into stepping stones for each day.

10. Make short…

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