Place Des Lices

Days in Rennes

Place Des Lices is one of the most happening place I visited in Rennes so far: a very large market selling flowers, fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, sweets, bread, etc mainly food. It’s strategically situated near St Anne and Champ Jacquet area and open only on Saturday from 7AM to 1PM.

After I collected the ‘caution’ for the logement from the bank and a birth certification certified in French sent from Singapore in the Turmel area, I took bus no 1 and went there. I alighted at St Anne. Trying to practise my very basic of French, I asked a nice French woman, “Ou est Place Des Lices?” She pointed out some directions and I followed.

Voila~ I reached in a minute. My eyes were full of flowers and my lips couldn’t help but smiling. I just love flowers.




I just remember I forgot to take pictures on the cactuses. They’re small and…

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