Peach Cobbler

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Cobbler is not the same thing as a crisp, who knew?  I love love love Apple Crisp, and with the influx of peaches in the share lately, I wanted to make a baked peach dessert.  I’d never heard of Peach Crisp as a dessert, but had heard of Peach Cobbler so found a recipe and set out to make it, the entire time thinking it would turn out like Apple Crisp.  While delicious, it wasn’t what I expected.  I told you I wasn’t a baker.

In retrospect, the addition of baking powder to the dough should have been a tip off.  Alton Brown discussed biscuit making in a recent podcast and went into the science of baking.  I know, more Alton Brown… but we found the discussion really interesting, I’d never really thought through the process.  Adding baking soda to recipes makes the product rise – think of ‘volcano’ science…

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