Mama mboga



Who is Africa without ‘mama mboga’? Which country side in Africa exists without their network supplying vegetables and fruits from local farms.
A lot of times it’s out of necessity to put what she can’t plant on her families table. She therefore goes out and spends her day at market centres displaying her foodstuffs, and what she earns she uses to buy what she can’t produce. Patient, aggressive and persistant they are at times taking care of their dependant ones at their feet all day.
A distinct portrait of mama mboga is her headscarfed head and a Leso tied around the waist with wares displayed on a gunny bag laid on the ground or on a stand improvised from poles at the roadside.
Mama mboga (refers to a mother who sales vegetables) and are a trademark of Kilome and Africa. If you’ve never met any you’ve simply never been to…

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