Harvest Monday, September 9, 2013 – Last Black Soybeans Update + Figs

Garden to Wok

In my Harvest Monday, August 19, 2013 post I mentioned that next year I will plant 2 different varieties of vegetable soybeans (a black and a green) to make side-by-side comparison for taste and texture at the young soybeans stage.

I do not have to wait until next year.

That Thursday, my garden friend Mary N of Mary’s Veggie Garden brought me a gift of young Tohya soybeans she just harvested from her Vassar farm garden so I could make a comparison now. I have such thoughtful friends.

It was good timing as I still had young black soybeans in the garden.

Soy beans (5658)

Left: Tohya Soybeans. Right: Black Soybeans
Top 2 rows: uncooked soy beans
Bottom 2 rows: cooked soy beans

To make proper comparison, I needed to cook both varieties in the same pot. In order to tell which is which, I chose, for the Tohya, the 3-beans pods and for the black, the 2-beans pods.

The verdict: The…

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