Cleanse for clarity: getting to know your body…well

Miss Ella Said

On August 21, for the next three days, I did my first ever juice cleanse. Facilitated and provided by Glow Juicery, I was in for a treat. The opening of Edmonton’s FIRST juice bar will open this Fall 2013. So for my cleanse, the lovely owner, Marnie, prepped my juices in the comfort of her home and I was invited to pick up my three days of detox heaven.

Inside my package were juices prepared for three days. Using a high quality juicer that preserves the live enzymes, fresh juices will retain their value for three days. I consumed six juices a day, interspersed with lemon + H20, coconut H20, and a healthy salad for lunch (just lemon for the dressing. I mixed in avocado for a creamy textures).

What I noticed:

*Note, I planned a very quiet three days. This did not happen. My days became busy. The…

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