Bread (and Juice) of Life

Live for Loving

I noticed I find satisfaction in many things in this world. It’s when I am spending time with friends and family, baking warm chocolate chip cookies, hiking Spencer’s Butte, surfing Pinterest, posting countless photos on Instagram, thrifting in Portland, sipping bubble tea, popping popcorn, jogging around the neighborhood, picking blackberries, eating a heap of frozen yogurt, or cuddling up to a movie, that I find myself most happy. These things however, never truly satisfy my soul. Once I am done watching a movie, I want frozen yogurt; when I hike Spencer’s Butte, I want a peanut butter and banana sandwich; when I thrift shop in Portland, when I pick blackberries, I want to jog. Everything that brings me to euphoria always seems to be temporary, but why? Because God made me to only be satisfied with Him and only Him. I may thirst and hunger for more fun, more delicious…

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