The ‘7 Day Juice Diet’…. Does it really work?

The Beauty Cloud

I hate hate hate fad diets. They went out of the window at university, however I am always very conscious of eating well and have to if I want to fit into my jeans. I haven’t ‘dieted’ per-se in years, but since coming back from holiday I have suffered with severe abdominal cramps when eating solid meals. Most of last week was spent eating yoghurts from breakfast and lunch, and forcing down a meal in the evening – only to suffer in bed afterwards.

I was starting to lose my mind over it, when I came across the ‘7lb in 7 days juice diet’. Aside from the obvious weight loss side of it, there are great testimonials for the health benefits. I’m based at home at the minute finishing off my thesis so it’s perfect timing, and in fear of living on yoghurt for the rest of the summer I…

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