Detox, Diets & More…



I want to share with you a recent email exchange I had with an ex-client of mine regarding nutrition you may find useful.


How are you, my dear? How is the writing going?

I wanted to get some advice from you as far as food goes. I know you eat a vegan diet, correct? And, you’ve done mini fruit cleanses? I’m wanting to help detox my body and want to do an all fruit diet for 3-5 days. Do you think that is feasible? What should I be doing? I trust any advice you have for me!

Thank you,



Hi Ellie Darling! Great to hear from you!

I’ve certainly explored a wide array of diets and detoxes over the years. One thing that keeps surfacing when doing all fruit diets is the sugar content that can be detrimental to your end goals. Also, long terms, this approach…

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