Day One

Heading Towards Life

As day one of my juice fasts ends, I’m thinking a good long sleep will make everything better. Today was a little rough: some from the effects of the fast, some emotionally and some from food temptations that I would have had even if I wasn’t fasting!

I’m feeling pretty tired already, I wasn’t expecting the effects of a juice fast to hit quite this fast. I’ve had a headache the last couple hours (though I believe, in part, from something other than just the fast) and am already wearing a jacket while curled up in my blankets (which is a common symptom of fasting).

However, I’m still glad I’m on track. Here’s the rundown.

I can’t lie, I love pictures. Ahhh. Anyway, here comes the recipes. I cored all apples, peeled the oranges and grapefruit but left the peel on the lemon. Everything was washed and scrubbed before they…

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