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I took a pretty major hiatus from blogging because I started a job towards the beginning of the year. My fitness goals have changed greatly this year, as now I’m training for a half marathon in November.

I was going pretty strong, and got up to half-marathon distances in my long runs, but something just isn’t clicking anymore. I think I’m like this with just about anything I take an interest in. A quick intense ramp-up with great success, then it just dies. I’ve done this with a lot of my fitness pursuits: weight lifting, body building, climbing, crossfitting and now running. It happens with non-exercise hobbies too: playing guitar, singing, playing video games, whittling, electronics, reading…blogging. I don’t think this is a bad thing though. It’s gotten me exposed to a bunch of new people and has kept me sharp.

So I’ll train for and complete my half marathon…

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