Adventures In Juicing

Adventures In...

I started 2013 with a fresh outlook on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of… whatever tickled my fancy at the time. I did a Juice Cleanse in January ( – get into it), and decided that THIS… this thing RIGHT HERE… needed to be part of my  life for good (or until further notice).

So I chose this…

…because I was told that a ‘masticating juicer’ is one of the best ways to get all of the juice out of fruits/veggies without heating the juice and compromising the nutritional value. As I understand it, a hydraulic press juicer is ideal… but at $1,200 a pop, I’m just gonna stick with the masticating version. It’s serious, but it ain’t THAT serious. Just saying.

Since the Kuvings Juicer came home to live with me, I’ve juiced all manner of fruits, veggies, roots, and what not. I  juice at least 3-4 times…

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