{Vegan MoFo} Fava Bean and Wakame Tempeh ‘Chips’

Made of Stars


This scrumptious tempeh is soy-free. It’s made from fava beans and wakame (seaweed). I bought this block at a local farmers’ market.

Some of you will recall, the last time I served tempeh in my home it didn’t go down too well with the tiny vegans. I was hoping for success this time around.



I sliced the block of tempeh into 35 ‘chips’ and pan-fried them in a small quantity of olive oil.


I served the tempeh with a dipping sauce – a delightful, vibrant red, locally-produced Davidson Plum chilli sauce. They were a perfect match. A large garden salad accompanied the tempeh.

The Tiny Vegans’ Verdicts

I have to admit that I attempted to deceive my sons about the tempeh. I told them that I was preparing fava bean and wakame chips. I avoided use of the word tempeh. Our Least Adventurous Eater expressed enthusiasm and…

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