Crawfish & Crunches


Taking out the pontoon, speed boat or jet-ski is a huge part of the culture where I live. With all that wet and wild fun comes some hurdles for a health nut. Fried chicken is actually a staple, not a stereotype of the South, and the beer flows faster than the river. With some simple planning, a day out on the water can actually be your friend. Here’s my three tips for having fun on the water and staying healthy, all which are very similar to my tips for a day on the beach:

Tip #1: De-bloat pre-boat

If you know you are going out on the boat on a Saturday or Sunday, you can start prepping that weekend. I’m not just talking about packing the night before, I’m talking about what you eat the days before. The day beforehand, I always try to get a bike ride in with my…

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